Marketing Consultants

Consultoría enfocada en marketing para empresas medianas y grandes, en donde definimos la estrategia que los ayudará a crecer a corto, mediano y largo plazo.

Nuestra asesoría es estratégica y empieza por definir el plan, recursos y herramientas que necesitan para cumplir con los objetivos de la empresa y hacerla crecer.

Core Workshops

Un taller personalizado, donde
we build your company´s strategy
and we define the actions
that will help your company grow.

Es un taller personalizado,
ideal para emprendimientos,
empresas medianas o grandes
cuando necesitan redefinir su
estrategia desde el "core".

Board Advisors

Asesores para Juntas Directivas de empresas grandes y grupos familiares que necesitan una perspectiva clara de la estrategia de mercadeo que debe ejecutar su equipo para alcanzar los objetivos estratégicos.

Tenemos más de 20 años de experiencia trabajando con y para empresas increíbles, lo que nos permite asesorar de forma profunda, utilizando una metodología que se enfoca crear marcas relevantes, con estrategias sostenibles en el corto, mediano y largo plazo y enfocada en optimizar recursos al mismo tiempo que se genera valor.

Astrid Haase

Ingeniera y estratega, con +20 años de experiencia en MARKETING, incluyendo varios años como Gerente de Mercadeo en Red Bull hasta ascender al puesto regional Brand & Consumer Collecting Specialist para los países en el Norte de Latinoamérica (NOLA). Fundó Core MKT en el 2013, en donde ha podido trabajar como Marketing Manager, Asesora y Board Advisor para varias empresas líderes en la región. Fue nominada a Gerente Joven del Año por la CIG y ganadora del reconocimiento de Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

Andrés López

+20 años de experiencia en MARKETING, incluyendo más de 15 años en diferentes puestos Regionales en Red Bull en toda Latinoamérica. Durante su carrera lideró distintas áreas de la compañía incluyendo Dirección, Marketing, Comercial, etc. con +25 países bajo su responsabilidad. Founding partner de varias empresas que están abriendo brecha en la región, en diferentes industrias, que van desde alimentos y bebidas hasta el área inmobiliaria. Socio de Core MKT en donde ha podido hacer crecer a distintas empresas líderes en sus industrias en la región.

Lo que opinan nuestros clientes


Their network, creativity and pragmatism led us to implement key ideas and projects. They also established the work team, as well as the structure of roles and tasks in the department.

After 4 years working together, I could summarize our experience with CoreMKT full of added value and would recommend them for any company / brand that is renewing its marketing strategy and operation.

Giorgio Bressani
General Manager


Tangible results that demonstrate the talent of a highly experienced professional, but do not even explain their commitment. Astrid was another manager within my team, a companion to the other managers that reported to me in the region. She always "rolled up her sleeves" to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, commited all to order and modernize our company with more than 100 years in the market. I feel privileged to have been able to share so many experiences with Astrid, and to be able to learn so much from her. I am sure that for years we will remember this two-year adventure as "The Age of Astrid". How quickly time passed! Thanks Astrid, being a shoemaker with you has been an enriching and very exciting ride.
See you forever!

Ricardo Santizo
General Manager


The way in which many current companies analyze and execute their marketing strategies has become outdated and ineffective. Core MKT is a company of people who combine the experience with modern and updated marketing strategies to achieve the objectives of the company. Core MKT has always been a fundamental part of Smart Fit since its birth and always has a successful strategy for each stage of adaptation and growth of the brand. We know that we will never run out of innovative and effective ideas as long as we have Core MKT on our side.

Diego Santizo
Chief Operating Officer


Core MKT is the perfect partner for TELUS International, because they share our passion, compromise and good attitude. They have given us several innovative ideas that prove to be successful when we role them in our markets. They have also adapted to our culture and are always being challenged to look for solutions that will have a positive outcome for TELUS International.

Sebastian Bulanti
Business Development Director & Marketing


Thanks to Core MKT my company had all the tools it needed to be successful in Today´s competitive market. I´m completely happy for choosing Core MKT and trusting them brought me where I am Today.

Jennifer Menegazzo

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